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Established in the year of 2004, growing with our promised delivery and hearing the heart beat and life style of Chennai and Free Space Interiors continues its journey.


Good outline merits great establishment. Regardless of how spectacular your picked fabrics look in the book, how rich is your prospective rug, or how dynamic your wallpaper, the accomplishment of the task and the fancied finished come about depend very nearly altogether on the nature of the making and fitting.

We have a committed, learned and long serving group of creators and fitters whose sole point is to convey brilliance in their separate field. From decorators, developers, circuit repairmen, handymen and warming specialists through to upholsterers, cover and window ornament fitters, we have a group you can trust to change your home with greatest forethought and least disturbance.

Some may be overpowered by the decisions accessible to them, or need a master eye to draw a plan together. Different customers may have an agreeable thought of how they need to live or the sort of space they need to make, however have lacking time to source the right things, or to deal with the establishment

We are serving to our fellow neighbors get obviate their ugly, non-functional and hideous areas and swap it out for one thing higher. We've completed over 100+ interior design works in Chennai in the previous years.

FSI plan work in making individual, separately outlined spaces for our customers, which rise how you live, function and play.

Our Careful arranging and a useful methodology, joined with the needs of every customer, bring about flawless, agreeable and smooth looking spaces

Spaces that may be contemporary or established, advanced or conventional, insignificant or suited to loose nation living. They may be for youthful or for old, for families and singles. They could be vast or little spaces, single rooms, lofts or expansive individual homes.

All intend to look easy, yet come about because of cautious arranging, utilization of color and light, and a careful tender loving care.

Each one space will be one of a kind, however will dependably be reasonable, agreeable and in vogue.

Having some expertise in private homes, we furnish our customers with a complete configuration consultancy administration, whether we have been appointed to outline a window treatment, essentially revive a room or restore a vast house. We serve customers of Chennai that we are cheerful to work further away from home by game plan. It houses a wide accumulation of persuasive examining from the top configuration houses, and additionally master suppliers, and incorporates fabrics, trimmings, wallpaper, floor coverings, lighting and furniture. It is additionally home to a far reaching library coating each part of inside outline

We live up to expectations with a little outline group, empowering ourselves to generally manage all activities, and to keep the general configuration transform inside our control. We can approach a trusted system of gifted masters to go down our plan administration. These incorporate planners, restorers, lighting fashioners and bespoke furniture producers, and in addition exchange foremen

At Free Space Interiors we represent considerable authority in all way of hand crafted delicate furniture to truly set your home separated and provide for it that completing touch.

Floor coverings are well on the path back in, if in reality they were ever truly out, and what a brilliant decision of distinctive styles heaps and weaves we now have. The pattern is far from the sisals and grasses that were extremely popular a couple of years prior, and towards gentler and easier to understand compositions. In the course of the last couple of years we have seen the resurgence of circle heaps, both tight and keen, and detached and lavish.

Dazzling striped rugs are currently accessible in both broadloom for one end to the other utilization and runners for stairs, at costs that no more debilitate to burn up all available resources. Makers of plain turn and velvet heap floor coverings have moved with the times, and re-colored a large portion of their extents, moving far from the conventional pastel greens and pinks to incorporate an extensive variety of chic putty and stone colors, alongside amazing steels and graphite.

Maybe the strongest development we have as of late seen in the realm of rugs is towards the 100% fleece, substantial heap, characteristic and frequently non dyed floor covering. These rugs take different pretenses, from wonderful formed turns to a thick, thick velvet heap that makes you need to commence your shoes and cover your toes in it each time you go close.

A lovely textured carpet could be the delegated wonderfulness of a room, especially when used to split a generally stark wood floor. Whilst for the traditionalists you'll never better a hand woven oriental floor covering, for the more contemporary inside the scope of accessible and moderate mats is more extensive than at any other time in recent memory in the recent past. Characteristic fleeces, with or without outskirts, give a keen custom-made look, while intensely designed or textured carpets, rich in shade, loan warmth to a room and can turn into a point of convergence.

A wood floor in a living or lounge area can look the picture of style itself, particularly when mellowed by a carpet. Wood is likewise to a great degree viable in a corridor, being a great hindrance between your rugs and the earth and grime of the outside world.

Albeit some cover floors can look viable you can't beat genuine wood, whether it's as a robust or designed floor. Strong wood floors come in different thicknesses, taking into consideration one or more sand and seal courses of action, which can give the floor a general life of a few eras. Built floors have a robust top layer, more often than not somewhere around 10 and 20 millimeters, over a plywood base. These give all the profits of a robust wood floor, though with a marginally shorter lifespan - a negligible 30 years or something like that, yet at a more unassuming cost. There are additionally a few scopes of designed wood floors that are completely good with under floor warming.

As a grant winning Interior Designers in Chennai, Free Space Interiors expertise in the configuration and formation of bespoke, joining recompense winning innovativeness with scrupulousness. Perceived for the imaginative assorted qualities of our work, each venture is extraordinary - a reaction to our customers business destinations and yearnings. Situated in Chennai, the Capital of Tamilnadu, we make bespoke for organizations, religious associations and private customers of Chennai. From lodging, bars and restaurant fit out to retail spaces and extravagance private homes, our interior designers have the aptitudes and experience to convey your fit out task.

We're dealing with a few tasks for private customers that are tagging along pleasantly that will truly make a lavish and crisp look. We're likewise super eager to be outlining a plan at one of Chennai's most discussed Designers!

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